Friday, October 7, 2011

Access Over 8,000 Seminary Classics

How would you like online access to over 8,000 seminary books--for FREE! That is what you get when you go to Logos, the maker of the software required for DCC Bible classes, has digitized over 8,000 books from different seminary libraries. They have made them available for free (at least for now) to anyone to use.

That is why I have added the link to this resource in the "Quicklinks" on the DCC Online course pages. I also added the link to, which gives you online access to your Logos library from any computer (as described in "Two Free Services to Help Online Bible College Students").

You may be thinking, "What's the catch?"

There is no "catch" to It gives you access to the library you have licensed with your Logos Bible Study software. has one downside. The books in this resource are all out of copyright--which is why Logos could legally scan them and make them available.

Typically, we think of older books as "out-of-date" and consider them less valuable for research. But these "classics" are still valuable, because 1) Some of these books are the sources quoted by newer books, 2) These books allow a student to look back at the scholarly thinking and see how it led to our current thinking, and 3) Some information has not changed.

Check out these resources. They can enhance your research and study.

Bruce Long
Associate Dean of Online Learning
Dallas Christian College


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