Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Two Heads are Better than One: Updated File-Send Feature on Online Tutor Contact Form

We all know the saying "two heads are better than one," but when it comes to asking for help we often neglect to remember it. One of the fantastic features of online tutoring at Dallas Christian College is the ability for students to send the tutor a file to review before turning in an assignment, from research papers to exegetical papers and speeches to PowerPoints. What better way to ensure your success in an assignment than to have the online tutor review it before submission? This can be done via the Contact the Online Tutor Form. Up to this point, students were given the option of emailing the tutor their files for review, but now with the help of FileStork in conjunction with Dropbox (featured in this helpful article), students can more easily send files to the tutor with just a few simple mouse clicks.

So students, check out the Contact the Online Tutor Form and submit a file for review. And instructors, consider FileStork for assignment submissions. No more waiting for email to load and no more cluttered instructor inboxes! Now let's start putting our heads together!

(YouTube video showing form location and details)

Melody Trowell (Online Instructional Designer, Online Tutor)

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